Friday, January 25, 2008

Spinning and the Y

I have not written a post about how much I am enjoying our membership to the YMCA. (Thanks R & G!) I am going about 5 times a week.
I have never been a big class person as I am somewhat of a klutz. I am never able to keep up and do the moves of the class and just feel pretty stupid. Well I have found a class that I am really enjoying. Spinning! For those that do not know what that is, it is a classroom that is full of stationary bikes with one bike in the front for the instructor. Finally a class that takes no coordination on my part! Another wonderful thing is that there are both male and females in the class as well as people of all ages and levels of fitness!
I have always loved riding my bike. Do you remember when you were a kid how you loved to hop on your bike and ride. I loved the freedom I felt having a somewhat mode of transportation around the neighborhood. Do you remember the feel of the wind in your face as you raced down hills as fast as you could go? It was awesome!
Well the class is nothing like that! Well except for the wind in your face from all the fans they have going in the class. The class is an hour long and it is pure work the whole time! The instructor plays loud, rocking music to keep the motivation and tempo up and bikes along with you, constantly changing the pace, resistance applied to the bike, and position you are pedaling your bike at (sitting, standing, hovering). She is also basically kicking my bottom! I am drenched in sweat when I am done and barely breathing. My legs feel like rubber but you have that feeling like you really accomplished something and that is what I love!

As most of you know, I am a pretty lazy person (in more ways than one). I haven't really exercised in years and am so out of shape. One of the goals I have really felt God putting in my heart is to get my mind, body, and soul into shape. Matthew 19:26 has really been the verse the Lord is playing out in my heart and life right now. It is the verse that repeats itself over and over in my head as I exercise and as I go about my day. I feel his call to me telling me that he is there and wants to change all the aspects of my life so that they reflect him at the center. I have such a long way to go (in all three respects) but with the promise that through him all things are possible, I am giving it a go.

The amazing part is that I really see God changing me. I never would have stuck with exercising this long even a month ago because I have always hated it (With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26) However, now that I am praying and repeating my mantra during exercise I look forward to it because I feel it drawing me closer to the Lord. Does that make sense? I probably sound crazy.
Anyway, I am actually starting to like it and really miss it when I don't get to it. CJ (and HJ too when he is not in school) both enjoy going to the kids room and jumping in the jumpy house and playing on the mats while I exercise. The workers in the kids rooms are so friendly and nice and I have no problems leaving the kids there.
This YMCA is truly amazing as they seem to have thought of everything in terms of it being a family place! It has truly been a blessing to me to have this awesome facility right down the street!