Thursday, January 10, 2008

Favorite Cookbook

For the 5 of you I think read this, I just have to share about this cookbook! I got this cookbook before we moved after having an appetizer from it at a friend's house. Which KJ and I both loved. My friend told me how much she liked the cookbook. I went out and bought it and there it sat until we moved. I pulled it out shortly after we moved. Since I am trying to eat organic and less processed food, I decided to make the Marinara sauce, since it is used in a lot of the recipes I want to try (there are a ton I want to make that does not call for it too). Now it calls for crushed tomatoes, carrots, onions, and celery in the sauce. Things KJ hates! So after the sauce was done I got my handy handheld blender out and blended it all up to be super smooth. Now no one knows what is in there but me! Both KJ and I think it is the best sauce ever! Thankfully, I had doubled the recipe and froze the extra in portion bags so it lasts all month or about 5 different meals! I think the secret to the sauce being so good is to use the organic Muir Glen fire roasted crushed tomatoes. They are sooooo good I could eat a whole can right out of the can. Literally amazing! I have already had to make a second double batch of the sauce because we have used up the first. I am also happy because I can sneak some veggies into my son and husband.

So anyway, I have made a ton of things from this cookbook and everything comes out amazing. Most of it is very healthy. Some of the stuff we have had include: Chicken Parmesan (no breading on the chicken!), Spaghetti with turkey meatballs (absolutely divine, they are so good, and I even used whole wheat noodles, and the meatballs are a cinch to make!), lasagna (again with whole wheat), manicotti, and last night roast balsamic chicken. The balsamic chicken was so good and I love it because there is enough left over to make white chicken chili today! KJ thought the balsamic chicken was store bought because it was so good and I had gone to whole foods yesterday :)

I have a bunch more earmarked to try. Anyway, I thought I would share a new favorite of mine that I am so tickled with. If you have a bookstore gift card this would be a great way to spend it and not be disappointed! Everything is super easy to make.

So there is my two cents and first book review.


Joy said...

Thanks for the info on the cookbook! We got some great cookbooks for Christmas as well! I will have to post about them sometime soon. I cannot believe that you have Kevin eating veggies though! That is something that I never thought we would live to see or hear of, must be some cookbook!!! ;)

Nashvillians Now said...

Only if they are well hidden in other foods. There can be no hint of taste or texture to them!

I am so glad to hear from you!

Joy said...

Too funny! It totally works though!!!