Wednesday, January 16, 2008

They Came!

I was very late starting with the Christmas shopping due to a move you may have heard about. This is especially true when it came to picking something out for my two hardest people to shop for! Anyway, I was flipping thru a magazine and this guy that does custom silhouettes was featured as a unique present. I thought what a neat, unique gift to get Robbie and Gina. When I went to his website, I also decided to order myself some.
I got Robbie and Gina a double silhouette of both the kids and I got myself one of each of them. I ordered them 2 weeks before Christmas and they finally arrived today! (See Joy, you aren't the only one behind on your gift giving!) We are going to hang the two silhouettes that are ours in the foyer. I am going to have to go find the perfect frame now.
Anyway, I just love the way they turned out and wanted to share!


Joy said...

So glad that I am not alone in the world of late gifts! ;) Does this person have a website or anything? What a GREAT idea! I was actually just thinking about silhouettes the other day...random, I know, but I was.

Nashvillians Now said...

I love the silhouettes! I really love Callie's because he captured all her curls. It is really easy as all you do is take a picture and send it to him.
Here is his website:

He has a lot of neat ideas for things other than silhouettes.
As talented as you are, you could probably do this yourself! I have no doubts.

Also, there will be NO pictures of myself! I am not that free with it yet. I just now got up the nerve to announce my braces to the world. I am not ready to show them off! Maybe in a few more months.