Sunday, January 6, 2008

Trying out a church

Now that we have moved and the holidays are over, it is time to find a church home. Before now, we have either been out of town or had guests in town every weekend since we moved.
This morning we went to a church that everyone has told us wonderful things about. It is located in Franklin. Both KJ and I really liked it. However, it was odd for me because I have gotten so used to and attatched to the worship style at CSPC. (Please keep in mind that I do not like change of any kind!) KJ thought it felt very young life like.
This church is a PCA Presbyterian church and I guess I was expecting it to be just like CSPC. However, the first thing I noticed is that it was extremely casual. Almost everyone was in jeans or very casual clothes. We were dressed a little more dressy as that is what we are used to. The second thing that struck both of us immediately was how young everyone we saw was. There were very very few people over the age of 50.
HJ and CJ had no problems going into their classes and jumped right in so that was nice. The service was very nice. The sanctuary is about the size of the lower level of CSPC (no balcony). It is all individual seats with backs (no pews). The music was very upbeat and modern. We both really liked the pastor as he was very passionate about the Lord and the message. He is very different that Pastor Wood. However, thru this whole move, God is showing me that different does not have to be bad!
We felt very welcomed to the church and even ran into the guy from Hunter's school that leads chapel. He is about our age but has two kids that are younger than ours. He recognized us and came right up and ended up inviting us over to dinner. That felt really good! Everyone else we met was very friendly.
I think we are going to try a few more churches before we decide which one to make our home but our first visit was very positive.


suzanne said...

What's the name of the church? And by the way, I think it's funny that you said that "the pastor is very passionate about the Lord and his message...very different from Pastor Wood!" Funny...

Nashvillians Now said...

I guess I need to explain my comment about Pastor Wood better!
I didn't mean to insult Pastor Wood in that blog but I guess what I meant by the pastor being very passionate was that he was very emotional (crying and stuff) and he was very exuberant and used his hands, arms, and whole body to emphasize important points which is usually very different from the way John Wood preaches. However, I know and feel John Woods passion for the Lord in every sermon I hear of his!