Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Absolutely gorgeous

The past two days have been gorgeous here. The weather has been mild and 70 degrees. To celebrate and because we are sick of being stuck indoors due to weather in the teens, we headed to the park yesterday and today. We are so blessed to have 5 (that I know of) incredible parks within 3 miles of our house. Yesterday we did the closest one (I forgot my camera). The kids really liked it but it was very crowded. So today, we went to the park next to the library. It was not crowded and the kids had a ball playing. It is not as big as the first park but because it was not crowded, I think the kids had a better time. After awhile, I got to talking to a nanny who was there with her 2 charges and told me it was story time at the library. So we headed over there. I have to say that the library is absolutely incredible! I have never seen a library like that. It was built to look very lodge like on the inside (or at least that is what it felt like to me) with lots of hardwood and exposed beams. The children's wing (yes wing!) was decorated like a forest, it was incredible. My two were looking around with their mouths open trying to take it all in. Story time was so well done and included a craft. The kids had a ball. We will definitely be going back. The nanny was telling me that Curious George will be at story time in 2 weeks! HJ and CJ can't wait to go to that story time. I can tell we will be regular library visitors from now on!


The Davis Family said...

yippee for the library! there is nothing in the world better than an awesome library!