Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Football Fan's Prayer

As I think everyone knows now, HJ is an avid football fan. Well really any sport will do, but he likes football the best. He talks, watches, and runs around the house "playing" football any chance he gets. He would rather watch Sportscenter than cartoons or anything else. However, the following is a first for him.

Well tonight, HJ was saying his prayer. He went thru his usual thanking God for family, friends, teachers and asking him to watch and protect them (he has to list each person individually). He then went on to say "and thank you God for the football players: Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, and Brett Farve; and please be with Eli Manning and help the Giants beat the Patriots this Sunday." From this he immediately transitioned into thanking God for his house, the moon, the stars, and the trees.

KJ was trying so hard not to crack up during this prayer. As soon as he came downstairs, he burst out laughing and repeated it to me. We can't decide if asking God to help Eli Manning win is a great thing to ask God for but it sure is cute!

Does anybody else have a cute story about their kids and praying?