Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Easter Tomb

As the season of Lent is well under way, I thought I would share some of what we have been doing and talking about to prepare for the celebration of Easter.
Easter to me is the most holy time of year. I can deal with Santa Clause for some reason but really can not tolerate the Easter bunny infringing on our Easter celebration. I am not even sure the kids know who/what the Easter bunny is. This is really the first Easter that HJ is, I think, really understanding the sacrifice Christ made for us and why it was necessary for him to do so. We have been reading a lot of different children's stories and Bibles about Easter and the meaning behind it. Almost everyday we talk about the sacrifice Christ made for us.
HJ and CG even gave up candy for Lent in an effort to help them remember the sacrifice Christ made for us in dying for our sins. Really HJ came up with the idea of giving up candy and CG just went with it because her big brother was doing it. I am not quite sure she gets it all yet.
My friend Aimee did a wonderful blog about making an Easter tomb with her kids. I loved the idea and last week the kids and I set out to make ours. We decided to plant little purple and white flowers around our tomb. We did a nature hike to look for a big rock and sticks to make the crosses out of. We never quite found a big enough rock but I think the kids got the picture of what it was supposed to look like. Now, I have never, ever, ever been known to have a green thumb! I am sure my mother is laughing at the idea of me planting seeds and them actually making it to blooms! In fact, I was pretty sure I killed my little seeds by not bringing them inside during the big winter snowstorm of '08 we had here (insert sarcasm). However, I will have it known that when I went outside today to get the mail, I noticed lots of little green sprouts around our Easter tomb! That means that I did not kill them (yet) and is another reminder of the wonderful rebirth that we receive through Christ's sacrifice for us!
I am so tickled with my little Easter tomb project, I thought I would post pics! Thanks Aimee for the idea!