Friday, February 1, 2008

Sports Day

Today rounds out a week of celebrating 100 days at his school. For today, the kids could dress in sports attire. HJ was all over this! It was a huge decision as to which team he would wear (he could choose from: UT, Titans, or Predators, as that is what we have). He originally chose to wear Titans wear, as I think with college ball over now for awhile, the NFL has been the focus in the house and freshest on his mind. However, at breakfast, I was going thru the junk drawer and found some leftover UT tattoos. Well that sealed the deal for HJ. He quickly changed into his orange sweatshirt and happily picked out two tattoos for each cheek. Here he is ready for school this morning or a trip to Neyland Stadium!


marsha said...

Woot!! Go UT!!

The Davis Family said...

no matter how long you live away from'll always be a true volunteer fan at heart!

Nashvillians Now said...

You can take the boy out of Knoxville but you can't take Knoxville out of the boy! (Okay that was pretty corny but I was dying to write it!)

Becca said...

What fun 100th day celebrations it seems Hunter has had this week! :) Today was our 100th day, and all the kids in kindergarten had fun 100th day hats and such. So cute! I admit, with my 3rd graders, all we did was have 100 seconds of silence (ha! That was another teacher's idea)--which they actually thought was hilarious--and each student contributed to a list of 100 things we have learned so far this year in class. :)
I'm glad you are getting settled in Nashville. :)
(Joy's sil)o