Thursday, January 3, 2008

Goals for the New Year

KJ and I have been having many long talks and chats about things we would like to accomplish/ goals we would like to set for 2008. I thought maybe if I shared a few of them some of you might be able to help keep us on task/accountable.

1. This is a big year for KJ and I as we will celebrate 10 years of marriage in August! Where has the time gone???? We were talking as we drove home from Charleston as to what we would like to do to celebrate. A big vacation is out for us as we did that in 2006 with a dream trip to Hawaii. I don't think the grandparents have recovered from that trip yet and we do not have the funds allocated for a trip nor does KJ have enough vacation for such a trip. Sooo we had to think of some alternatives. I think that we decided that we would like to take a small weekend trip somewhere but would really like to make a goal of being within 10% of the weight we were when we were married. That is quite a bit of weight for both of us to lose by August!!!! So the diet has begun and we joined the local YMCA. Joining the YMCA is really for the whole family as they have soccer/basketball leagues, incredible outdoor and indoor pools, swim lessons, plus a great exercise facility!!! There is no commitment to join so we are now joined and Hunter is signed up for spring soccer and KJ will be the assistant coach for his team! Hopefully with such a great facility we can get inspired to get in shape!

2. De-clutter the house!!! We started over New Year's eve to de-clutter and organize the house, starting in the disaster of a bsmt! We have made a ton of progress down there (no one would be able to tell but KJ and I) but we now have a huge pile for the dump and a huge pile for the Salvation Army to pick up. I am kind of stuck without room to continue until we get the piles that need to go to the dump to the dump!!! Hopefully, in a couple weeks we will be able to get the cars in the garage and have lots of room to walk around. We are doing a serious clean out here! I am posting pictures of our bsmt so you can understand just how bad the problem is. KJ and I were shocked and overwhelmed that we had accumulated that much "stuff" in the 10 years we have been married. This is the year we stop! The secondary goal to this is to just not buy anything unless it will really add value to our life. No more junk!!! No more junky toys!!! Hopefully it stops here and we can really make a difference in our lives by really thinking about each and every item we buy. I hope to post some new pics of the bsmt soon showing the difference!

3. Start eating healthier in two ways. Try to limit the junk food we consume and eat better foods that will aid in goal number one! The second part of this goal is to start incorporating more organic foods into our diet. With all the cancer in my family and all the stuff that is coming out about chemicals and hormones in our foods and cleaning products and even plastics, we are going to start making the change to more organic alternatives. It should tell you how concerned we are about this because KJ is actually totally on board for this change. He is usually against anything that will actually cost more money. I have found that in Nashville it is a lot easier to find organic meats and fruits and veggies. The Publix I shop at has a huge selection of organic meats and foods. I had started CJ on organic milk when she started drinking cows milk at age one but now we are going a little more hard core than that. I am even switching to cleaning products that do not have harmful chemicals and shampoo and stuff for the kids that do not have harsh chemicals in them. I really want to try and protect my kids as much as I can against all the pollutants out there in what we consume and around the house. I am not going to be nuts about it but really try to make an effort when I can.

Well those are our 3 main family oriented goals for 2008 and hopefully beyond! Feel free to ask us how we are doing b/c we need all the accountability we can get (especially for goal 1)!!!!!


The Davis Family said...

You are turning into to a "hippie momma wannabe" like me! :)

Your goals are much as ours are, so we can hold each other accountable!