Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby, It's Hot!

It is so hot here. Hovering right around 100 degrees with the heat index! Uggghhh! It is even miserable to go out and play with the kids. We did get out early this morning and took a "hike" through the woods, which is one of the kids favorite thing to do. HJ discovered a huge patch of wild blackberries! We proceeded to pick as many as we could and plan on going back next week when most of them will ripen up. The kids were so excited about their "find."

Anyway, back to the heat. Our air conditioner is on the fritz. It can't keep the house cooler than 80. It is pretty stinkin hot in the house. We are going with out any lights all day long in an attempt to keep it cooler. All of us are walking around in the bare minimum for decency. Even the dog is feeling the heat! She stays laying on an air vent soaking up the little bits of cool air emerge from the vent. It is pretty cute! Here is hoping the repair man can get out soon!


Jennifer said...

That dog is so gosh-darn cute. It's finally cooled down here today with some rain and 85 as the high.
Maybe it's coming your way.

Jessi said...

I remember when Buddha was a puppy- he ue dto do the same thing. LOL Now that he is too big to sit right on the vent, he just rests his head on it.

She is very cute:)