Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot Wheel Fun

For their birthdays, Grammy and Grampy gave each of the kids a Hot Wheel just like KJ had when he was a kid. Well the hot wheels were a hit! The kids favorite thing to do outside is push their hot wheels up our VERY long driveway, which has a nice, gradual, slope to it, and then ride it down to the bottom of the driveway as fast as they possibly can! It is hilarious to watch and looks like so much fun. They do it over and over and over again every time we are outside!

Getting on the hot wheel to head down the driveway as fast as he can!

Ready, set, GO!

Going down! (CG is nearing the top for her trip down.)

Look at Miss C push her hot wheel to the top! HJ is starting down and picking up speed!

Going faster and faster! Almost to fast for my little pocket camera to catch!

Time to start all over again!


Anonymous said...

just hope they don't end up tearing up the playset and into the tree! tee hee

Jennifer said...

Landon has that exact hot wheels and loves it. All the neighborhood kids like to come over to ride it.

Joy said...

How fun is that! Hmmm, we might need to give a mid summer gift to Charis! ;) I wish that they still made them with the little streamers hanging off from the handle bars though like they did when we were little! ;) Ahhh, back in the day!