Thursday, July 31, 2008

Puppy House Training Fun

This is one of those puppy house training moments no one shares with you when you are talking about getting a dog. Having to take your puppy out in a thunderstorm with torrential rain! Molly was sitting by the door begging to go out for about 10 minutes while KJ and I debated the pros and cons of taking her out. KJ finally dawned his raincoat and proceeded to take Molly out for about 10 minutes in the stormy night only to have her not go. I was next, I walked her around the yard for 15 minutes in the rain before she finally went. The joys of puppy ownership! Maybe now she will figure out it is best to go immediately upon being taken out in the rain. The sooner you go, the sooner we can all get back inside!


Not-as-Newlyweds said...

Awww... I remember those moments. :) Sammy refused to go if it was raining. Eventually we worked our way up to the luxurious treat of using our fenced in yard to our advantage. Once we had established a part of the yard to use (making clean up easier), we can just open the back door and off she goes!

The Davis Family said...

that would be the advantage of dog sitting and being able to give the dog back :) tee hee

Dog Training Techniques said...

Hahaha. looking forward to experiencing that myself. We're getting a dog this year.