Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Molly

Well it has now been over 3 days with a dog. I still look at her sometimes and wonder as to where this dog came from and how long she is staying and then I remember she is ours and am still a little overwhelmed. However, I do not regret the decision to get her. The kids just love her and she has been such an easy, good, sweet dog. I think I was prepared for absolute craziness but she is so sweet and well behaved it is still such a shock. She is sleeping thru the night, has not had a single accident in the house, plays great with the kids, and is pretty much just chewing her toys (with just a couple minor slip ups), and she lets me bathe her. (I was glad to hear from Becca that her dog was so good too, all I had heard was horror stories so it was nice to hear that a puppy can be good, because I keep waiting for her to go crazy, its good to know that this might not all be an act but she might really just be this good and sweet!) I think she has been a great addition to our family and it doesn't hurt that she is just too cute!

*Sorry for all the Molly posts, but she is the biggest thing to happen to us in a long time and pretty much consumes our days right now*

This little position of Molly's is adorable. She sticks her front and back paws out and lays flat on her belly. It gets me every time because it is so cute. I also love her little nub for a tail. It is hilarious to watch it wag!


Jennifer said...

Welcome to the world of dogs. Once you start, you will never go back to being dogless. I'm glad you are enjoying her.`

The Davis Family said...

glad to hear things are going well. although i'm glad that our dog sitting is almost up...we'll for sure be looking for a dog with less hair :)

MrsSchoon said...

How adorable. My corgi, Tag, does that too!