Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Warning

Our little jaunt to the blackberry patch was not quite the innocent sweet time I thought. I had no idea that blackberry bushes were a haven for chiggers. Well I do now! HJ and I are covered in chigger bites on our lower body. They itch like crazy! Luckily CG did not get any bites but she had 2 ticks on her legs and I had one. Yuck!

Just wanted to send out a word of warning regarding wild blackberry patches!


The Davis Family said...

ohh chiggers are supposed to be TERRIBLE! I'm so sorry. Do you know about them? They burrow under your skin. Way worse that mosquitos. I'm so sorry for you all! And so glad that Callie didn't have any...although ticks are not too much fun either.
Don't think we'll be blackberry picking anytime sooN!

Joy said...

So sorry for all your troubles just to get some tasty blackberries! Who knew!!!

Are We There Yet?? said...

OH MY!!! That is terrible!! Do you know how to get rid of them??