Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uninvited Guests

Usually I love to have a house full of guests. It makes me happy. However, these disgusting things are most unwelcome and uninvited (thankfully they are not inside or I would have to move)! They are hornworms and they have taken up residence in my tomato plants and are doing their best to eat my sweet innocent plants. I have picked 9 off already. They are very hard to see as they blend in perfectly with the plant stems and leaves. Uggghhh! I hate bugs and these are the most disgusting plus destructive, the worst kind! Does anybody know of a nontoxic remedy to them (I don't want to spray my plants)? Or am I stuck just looking for more of these nasty things daily to try and save my plants? They haven't done to much damage so far and I hope I have gotten them all but we thought we did last night when we pulled 4 off but this morning when I checked I found 5 more.
Sorry for this most disgusting post and picture but this is me trying to keep it real!


Joy said...

Wow! Those are disgusting!!! I am so sorry that they have taken up residence in your tomato plants! Yucko! Jennifer gave me this little recipe and it takes care of a lot of bugs! I am not sure if it would work for those but it is worth a try!!!

"Mix two tablespoons of hot pepper sauce or cayenne pepper with a few drops of Ivory soap into a quart of water. Let stand overnight, then stir and pour into a spray bottle and apply as above. Shake container frequently during application."

It has worked wonders for me so hopefully it will bring you some help as well! Good luck!

The Davis Family said...

this is why i don't garden :)

Jennifer said...

Those really aren't disgusting. try the rememdy from Joy. And have you tried keeping some in a jar with some leaves to see if they turn into something else. That would be a neat experiment for the kids.

Nashvillians Now said...

I know they will turn into a moth but I really for some reason want to hurl every time I see one. They really disgust me more than most bugs. I don't know why maybe because they are so fat and are eating my plants I don't know but I could not stomach looking at them everyday as I know the kids would want to do 20 times a day. It would be a great experiment for them but I don't think my stomach could take it.
I will be trying your spray recipe in the morning after it sits for the night!