Friday, February 8, 2008


HJ came home yesterday excited to tell me that they had a tornado drill at school today. He thought it was very cool. He said the teacher's divided the kids up by 3 and 5 day kids. Since HJ is a 3 day kid, he had to go to the bathroom. He said the other kids got to go to the closet. He said "Mommy, I think the kids in the closet had more fun because we just had to sit in the bathroom and weren't even allowed to use the potty. I think the closet kids got to play with toys." I assured him this was not the case. He said "If there was a tornado why do we go to the bathroom, why not the bsmt?" I explained that the school doesn't have a bsmt so he would go to the next safest place the bathroom. He was still very concerned that they would not let him go potty while he was in there. I said he needed to be sitting down on the floor so he would be safe. I think he accepted all these explanation. He is excited b/c today they are having a fire drill "and you get to go outside during a fire drill!"
I remember I loved fire drills too when I was in school for the same reason!