Thursday, February 14, 2008

Internal Alarm Clock

Does anyone else have one? I really think I could do away with my alarm clock as I always wake up a few minutes before it goes off anyway because I have a really reliable internal one. Last night, CG was running a fever of 103.7 and she was due for meds and a fever check at 1:00 am. I had KJ set the alarm for 1am so that I would wake up. Wouldn't you know that I was up at 12:57? This happens no matter what time I need up. I am not sure how my body knows what time it is but it does and I wake up. However, I still set my alarm clock and I am not sure why, I guess it goes back to my irrational fear of being late!

Side note: When we checked CGs temp at 1:00 it was at 99.7 which was a HUGE improvement! She is still running around 100 this morning which I can handle. It is those super high ones that freak me out!