Friday, February 15, 2008

My Daddy Can Talk Funny

Last night at dinner, HJ discovered something about his Daddy! We were eating and HJ was talking to us about his Spanish words. He and KJ were practicing them and saying short little things to each other in Spanish. I don't usually participate in this because 1. I know no Spanish. I took French in school and never learned a word of Spanish. (As a side note, I know no French now either, I can't remember it).
2. I butcher any language other than English I try to speak (Just ask my college French teacher, who asked me to please stop talking French to her during my oral exam, b/c she could not listen one more second to my butchering of her language!) and I don't want my son to learn the improper way to speak Spanish
3. KJ has a God given gift for languages. He speaks German fluently, Spanish conversationally, and can read and somewhat speak French and Latin. (I think this is why he has a gift for computers too)
4. I have no gift for languages other than English (and that is debatable as my northern relatives think I talk funny English :)

So anyway, there the two of them were being cute at dinner when I happened to chime in to HJ that Daddy can speak German too. HJ was like what is that. So KJ started talking to him in German. Well you would have thought KJ was tickling him. HJ and CG thought that it sounded hilarious! They kept asking KJ to say all sorts of stuff and then laughing their heads off when he would.

I don't know why it has taken KJ so long to share this talent. I told him all along he should be talking German to the kids more. They are such sponges and could have KJ's gift for languages. Anyway, I thought I would share one more reason that HJ has for thinking his Daddy hung the moon: He can talk super funny!


Jennifer said...

Don't kids say funny things! And they find mundane things funny! Landon told me this morning that his teeth were fighting. I was like, what? He said the commercial for toothpaste said that Colgate keeps your teeth fighting all night long! And kudos to K for knowing German.