Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leaps and Bounds!

As most of you know, HJ has always been on the short skinny side. It has never really bothered him too much but does sometimes have questions. An example would be when he started in his 4 year old class in Ktown and came home and asked why he was the littlest kid in the class even though he is older than two others. When he does have questions about it, we try to explain that God made everyone different and different sizes but that he loves everyone equally. That it doesn't matter how little or big you are, it is what is in your heart that matters. Still it is hard to see him question it. I know a time will come when kids won't be as "nice" in their little size comments to HJ.
KJ and I started worrying a little when HJ went to his 4 year check up in June and had only grown about an inch and a half in a year. He was borderline needing to go see an endocrynologist to be evaluated. The doc even sent his records to an endocrynologist for a second opinon about whether HJ should be seen. The three parties decided to give it 6 months and if we hadn't seen some growth we would be going to see the specialist. Well God has answered our prayers! HJ has grown 3 inches since he turned 4!!!!!! That is just amazing to me since he grew so little between 3 and 4. I am so thrilled for him. He will never be tall but he is catching up.
My Mom has a growth chart at her house that the kids LOVE to be measured for. In the last 12 weeks HJ grew 2 inches! His goal has been to get to 40 inches. That way he can ride the Thunder Mountain ride at Disney in May. I had my doubts that he would grow the three inches needed to get there. When we were in town last weekend, Mom measured the kids again (she had just done so 6 weeks ago.) HJ had grown another half inch and was now exactly 40 inches tall. He and I were jumping up and down and hugging each other we were so excited! It truly is a blessing!


Are We There Yet?? said...
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Are We There Yet?? said...

That is FABULOUS!! Hunter will LOVE Thunder Mountain. Dawson absoulutely loved it when we went in January. One may want to think about taking him on it at night when he can't really see how high it goes. Dawson was afraid of it a little once he saw how big it was even though he had been super excited about it. So, we took him after dark and he couldn't tell how big it was then. He really liked it!

Nashvillians Now said...

Did you take D on the Tower of Terror ride and the Haunted Mansion ride? If so, how did he do on those? I am not worried about HJ being scared of heights or anything b/c he doesn't get that way. He has no fear when it comes to things like that. I am more worried about him getting freaked out about the spooky stuff. Just curious how D handled all of that or if you opted out of it?
KJ is of the mind set to let him ride everything that he is big enough to ride b/c it is not like we will be going all the time for him to do it.

M said...

My advice: DO NOT take him on Tower of Terror. Have you been on it before? It is scary and dark and the music is spooky (it's The Twilight Zone). We asked him if he wanted to go, and he said no, so I went by myself. There was a 6yr old boy on my ride that literally lost it. I'm surprised that they didn't stop the ride. I probably won't let D go on that one for a long while. I went on Space Mountain as a 4 year old and the darkness of it kept me off of roller coasters until I was 13 (and I love stuff like that).

Haunted Mansion is silly spooky. It's not so bad. I still didn't think D should go on it, but I doubt it would have permanently scarred him. The line was just long and I didn't want to wait that long for something I didn't think he'd love.

There were a few other borderline scary rides that we went on: Pirate of the Carribean, Dinosaurs (at Animal Kingdom), Snow White (it's a lot scarier than you'd imagine). D only got really scared of the Pirates of the Carribean. He HATES guns and swords.

Jennifer said...

Landon is also short for his age, although not so much skinny. He grew quit a bit between 3 and 4, but has slowed down now. It's neat to see them look at their growth charts. Landon will be going to Pre-School in August and will also be one of the oldest (birthday in Oct.), but also one of the shortest.