Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That NOISE is back!

AGGGGGHHHHH! I hear those tornado sirens and my blood pressure goes thru the roof. I guess at some point in time you get used to hearing them during thunderstorms but I hear them and my heart jumps into my throat.
But l try to remember I have a foolproof plan of action. All I have to do is listen for the freight train, grab the kids, and head to the bsmt. What could possibly go wrong????

I reminded KJ again tonight that no one explained these things to me in all the discussions we had about moving. I am halfway kidding with him but it is hard to laugh when your heart is in your throat!


The Davis Family said...

saw on the news it was bad around there...did you have to hide in the basement last night?

Nashvillians Now said...

We are all fine here. We did not have to go to the bsmt but know others not too far away were hit really hard. It is crazy how random it all is. It is really sad looking at all the footage of what the storm did to people's homes and lives.
The news had constant coverage of the storm from 7 (when I turned it on) until I went to bed and I am sure it went on all night as another storm hit around 2am. I was glued to the TV until I went to bed when they said the danger was past for us.
Never a dull moment with us!

Joy said...

I was thinking about you last night all huddled up in the basement! ;) I am glad that you did not have to head down there. I was thinking last night that sirens would be nice if it was during the night but I do believe that they would totally freak me out as well (with so many false alarms).

Jennifer said...

we hear the tornado sirens so much here, that when it goes off we run out on the porch to see if it's a real threat or just a false alarm.

I'm glad you are all ok.

Nashvillians Now said...

DP's brood had to huddle together in their pantry 3 times during the night b/c it got so bad where they were. They were smack in the middle of it. She made all their kids wear their bike helmets and huddle under couch cushions in their pantry.

I can't imagine how scared my kids would be if I had to wake them up and tell them about a bad storm and take them to the bsmt. Hunter would be terrified b/c he would understand what is going on. I am afraid when that day comes he will never be able to sleep on his own thru a storm. DP's two youngest can't during a storm now either b/c they have had to do too many tornado drills.

The Davis Family said...

I heard the Belleview got it pretty bad. My brother was even worried when the sirens went off over there! This is not convincing me that I ever want to move out of the TN valley!