Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Angels

Last night we got a wonderful dusting of snow. It was enough to get school cancelled! I have decided that the county we live in will cancel school for anything (I mean they cancel for even warnings), however, HJ's school rarely cancels when other schools do. Today it was cancelled along with about every other school in our surrounding area.
By the time we had breakfast and got dressed (it takes a long time to get two kids dressed to play in the snow!) a lot of the snow had melted but there was still enough to cause stars to shine in the eyes of my two snow angels. They so rarely see snow let alone get to play in it. There was not enough to sled but they loved throwing it at each other and tromping through the yard to explore. HJ even tried to make a snow angel but there just wan't enought there to see any results. Anyway, it made for a fun, cold diversion this morning!


Joy said...

So jealous!!! Our dusting was non existent unless you looked really hard buried deep within the grass! I am still holding out hope though for just one great snow...wishful thinking I know!

Nashvillians Now said...

It could be worse! My aunt Felicia wrote this description of life in New Hampshire. ( I am not sure how I am related to these people. I am such a southern girl and apparently have no northern blood flowing thru me because I could not take this!)
My Aunt Felicia:
Ah, Good Old New Hampshire! It is snowing like a banshee right now - AGAIN! We are expecting about a foot of wet, heavy snow. We have broken all kinds of state records for accumulated snow fall and it isn't over yet. We still have March to get through - a month famous for big storms. Virtually all towns have run out of sand and salt and their plow budgets are depleted as well. In spite of our roads destroyed with frost heaves and pot holes abound, there will be little money for repairs come summer. As hard as the plows and heavy equipment have tried, snow piles and banks are dangerously high. The towns' snow yards are over flowing. There simply is no place to put the dang stuff. Many times I have to creep out beyond the road just to see if there is a car approaching. Sometimes the only way to know is if they hit you. :o) The mechanics and body shops are making money due to the broken rims, sprung frames, ruined tires and smashed cars.

I will take the occasional dusting of snow and be so thankful I don't have to deal with that! I would be so cold and depressed! I am sorry Ktown did not get any snow apparently, Nashville gets more than Ktown, however, we get more severe weather overall: think tornadoes!
Heres hoping you get your one snowfall before spring officially sprungs! I know you really love it!