Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Does anyone have any fresh ideas for lunches? The kids and I eat lunch at home every day and I am pretty tired of the sandwich and mac and cheese bit we alternate almost everyday. I would love some fresh, kid friendly, and easy lunch ideas!


Anonymous said...

We also tend to get into routines with lunches. Here are some of the things that we eat.
Chicken nuggets
Grilled cheese
deli meat and cheese (they both love this for some reason)
pita bread or bagel pizza
mac & cheese
scrambled eggs and toast (they never eat this for breakfast)
rice and veggies
soups (both love soups esp. chicken noodle)

I know there are other things, but I can't remember right now. I will let you know if I can think of anything else!
-Alyson in the Boro

Joy said...

We tend to have quesadillas sometimes with beans and other times with lunch meat but always with cheese. You can throw in some salsa etc. I just pop them in the oven on broil and it is really quick.

We also have crackers and cheese with veggies and a fruit. Often there is a frozen waffle and yogurt involved as well.

Lunch is tricky as sister has decided that she does not like meat. That is right at the tender age of two we hate meat! But those are a few of our tried and true lunches. Oh, we also keep cooked whole wheat pasta in the fridge for lunches. ;) Odd list but I hope that it is helpful!

Are We There Yet?? said...

We do a lot of pasta for lunches. D and R both dislike most meats, so pasta is a good alternative. D will eat ham, so he has lots of ham sandwiches.

D's favorites are peanut butter on anything, soup (I use the crock pot often around here), quesadillas, bagel pizzas, and their new favorite...sloppy joes. They LOVE sloppy joes!!