Monday, February 18, 2008

A Great Toy

For Christmas, HJ received the Lego: World of Mosaics toy from an aunt. It is a toy that was in Parent's top toy list for the Christmas season in HJ's age group. We put it away as we do with a lot of the toys to reemerge later in the year, so we aren't so bombarded/overwhelmed all at once with a massive amount of toys . Well we got this out last week and boy is it a hit with HJ! I totally get why it was a top toy for his age. It is a great first Lego kit. You get these little plastic boards that fit over these pictures and then the kids build them with the legos by matching up the size, color, and shape lego to the picture. HJ will sit there for an hour building these pictures almost everyday. What a great thing to work on his fine motor skills not to mention hand/eye coordination. The pieces he is using are tiny!
KJ is excited about this because he remembers loving to build intricate things with Legos when he was a boy (he is even really enjoying the mosaic building) and he can't wait to do that with HJ. This is the first step toward HJ learning how to do that!
If you need a great gift idea for someone in HJ's age bracket this would have to be it!


Jennifer said...

Landon has this Lego kit also and loves it, especailly when I play with him.