Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl!

Last night was the Super Bowl and how much fun was that???? It was a great game! The screaming in my house was deafening when the Giants scored that last touchdown. We were obviously for the Giants. KJ said that it may be the best Super Bowl game ever!
We had our friends DP and his brood over for the game and we all had a blast! Of course the food is a big part of the Super Bowl! One of my all time favorite bloggers is Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. If you haven't read her blog do, she is hilarious! Reading her ongoing saga of how she met her husband is a treat and a workout for your abs because you will laugh so hard!

Well she has a cooking blog: The Pioneer Woman Cooks! It is a great site full of yummy food and step by step instructions and pictures all done in her hilarious commentary. Another must read!

So anyway, she did a cooking post on what to cook for the Super Bowl. KJ had already informed me that wings were a must for the Super Bowl (apparently you can't watch the Super Bowl without them, it isn't allowed!) She had a whole post on how to make wings! So I made them and KJ and DP raved about them. KJ said they were every bit as good as a restaurant and DP said they were they best he had! What compliments. I also made her Bacon Wrapped Cracker Appetizers which were as wonderful as promised and KJ said a must for now on at any appetizer function! DP ate about 20 if that tells you how good they were and his boys ate a ton of them too. A real man pleaser!
I also made the Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever! It totally lived up to its name! It was so moist and good.
So if you are looking for recipes that are yummy, easy, and good try her site out! I can vouch that her stuff is yummy and very pleasing!
We also had sausage balls, nachos, fruit, chips and salsa (from Chili's of course!), and corn, black bean, and feta dip. As you can tell everyone at the party gained 5 pounds but it was sooooo goood!