Monday, February 11, 2008

The Nashville Zoo

My Mom came in for the day on Saturday (she said she needed a grandchild fix :) It was an absolutely gorgeous, mild day so we decided to go check out the Nashville zoo. We all had a really good time. It is not as big as the ktown zoo but the exhibits in our opinions were a lot better done. All of the animals were in beautiful exhibits with water features and tons of room to roam. Our favorite was the meerkat exhibit. It was almost a two story exhibit and had little tunnels you could crawl in to see what was going on below ground and you could also pop up in the middle of the exhibit.
The whole zoo was beautifully landscaped everywhere with tons of shade and lots of shady picnic tables and benches spread out throughout the zoo. It was wonderfully designed and they are expanding it a lot over the next couple years.
The kids favorite part was the ENORMOUS playground. It literally was so big it would have taken me about 8 pics just to capture it all. The pic above is only a small part of it. The kids were wide eyed and amazed that such a huge playground existed! I think we will definitely be getting a season pass to enjoy it all year long! The only thing I miss is the Kids Cove area that they have in Ktown. I love that! The little frog pond was a favorite. The Nashville Zoo is missing a cool water feature for the kids to play in but it makes up for it in beauty and playground!