Monday, February 4, 2008

Friday Pizza Night

Friday night has for the most part always been pizza night at our house. In Ktown we often went to our favorite pizza place, Little Joe's. It is a dive of a place that you would probably never choose to eat at unless someone told you about it. However, the pizza is pretty good, they give you free breadsticks, and we never have to order b/c the wait staff knows what we want without having to ask!
Since moving, we haven't found a pizza place that can be our Friday pizza place. They are either to expensive for what you get or not super great. Therefore, I have been making pizza on Fridays. Until last Friday, I had been using the pop can pizza crust. However, I love to read this blog. She does a Meal Plan Monday, where people post their menus for the week. I love to browse and see what everyone is cooking (it goes back to my cookbook obsession, I think). Anyway, I noticed quite a few people are using this recipe for pizza dough. It is a bread machine recipe for pizza dough. I was very intrigued because it was used by a couple people in the posts and also the ingredients sounded wonderful.
My wonderful Grammy, gave me a bread maker a few years ago. She had one she never used and asked if I would use it. I said I would love it. Now, I really liked the idea of using it but somehow I had never used it until Friday. I don't know why, but I think I was intimidated by it. Not anymore! It was so easy to use and I will be using it a lot more now! My next thing to make in it will be whole wheat cinnamon bread with raisins. It is a certain little boy's favorite for breakfast.
Anyway, I put all the ingredients in and it said that 1 hour and 20 minutes later I would have pizza dough. (I substituted whole wheat white flour for the white flour in the dough). Just pulling the dough out of the bread machine, I could tell it would be good b/c it already smelled great! It was easy to work into the pan and while it was cooking HJ kept coming into the kitchen and telling me it smelled like a pizza restaurant! Well the pizza was wonderful and I will definitely be making this dough for every pizza Friday we have! It was great! If you have a bread machine, I highly recommend this recipe. It is also fun to browse and see what so many people are cooking for dinner this week. You never know if you will find a new family favorite!